Titan Laboratories Testimonials from Satisfied Customers


I just spoke to Alan and I am so thrilled to get more of the Cleanup Solvent-22. I’m an artist/photographer & it works like a dream.  Forget every other solvent, this product really works. It’s great for getting up tacky tape or fixing any kind of mistake. It’s an amazing product and I advise everybody to try it. And it’s easy on the skin and has no odor or fumes.  Use Cleanup Solvent-22 and forget about those other ones. Goo Gone and goof off forget it! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!  Thank you Titan! Happy Artist! -Petuniawolf🌸🐺, San Francisco, California USA.

Oil-Flo Cleaned the Sealer from My Garage Doors – The results were amazing!

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to thank you for recommending the Oil-Flo/Masterflo product for cleaning the driveway sealer from my metal garage doors.  I had tried, kerosene, WD-40, DL hand cleaner, goof-off and gasoline. None of them would remove the driveway sealer.

I purchased the Masterflo product in 16oz spray bottle. The results were amazing!

I sprayed it on, waited a few minutes and very carefully rubbed the spots with a Q-tip. Then rinsed with water. I repeated the steps until all the sealer was removed and washed the door down with a mild soap.

The door looks great with no damage to the paint.  I will definitely recommend it to my friends.

Thanks,  Gary  (note: MasterFlo is the private label version that we make for SealMaster; same great product, different label.)

Oil-Flo Rescued Our Garage Door – Thank You!!!

Hi Alan! I am so happy and relieved that the Oil-Flo rescued my garage doors like magic and the vinyl framing pieces!!!  I cannot thank you enough for your help so far.

Thank you everybody at Titan. Lisa, NH

Low E-Window Stains and A-1 Hardwater Stain Remover

I wish to thank you for taking the time to discuss the Low-E Window staining problem I encountered after using the below described Wash Safe Peroxide product to Clean the exterior of my House.

I was really impressed when ABC Window Cleaning Supply recommended I contact your company, Titan Laboratories.

More impressive is the time and professional way you discussed all aspects of the window staining problem I had and your recommendations to start Off 1st by conservatively trying your A-1 Stain Remover and Glass Gleam-4.

I received the two sample products and was astonished that both were truly Excellent.

The A-1 was easy to apply and instantly started to remove the stains. I then followed-up by washing with Glass Gleam-4 and as advertised the windows sparkle, even after the storm (Hurricane Matthew).

-N. McGinnis, Port Lucie, FL

Look No Further. Oil-Flo 141 Should Be Sold Everywhere

If you’re looking for a great floor cleaner for the old black mastic adhesive. Look no further. This should be on the shelves of every hardware store around. Shame on Lowes and Home Depot for not carrying it. Home depot may in the 16 oz, but if they do, they need to also carry it in the gallon size. Kuddos to the company for making a great product!  – J. Gulley

A-1 Works Amazing on Dull Headlight Covers

My husband is the supervisor for a maintenance company and brought home some of your A-1 Hard Water Stain Remover to use in our shower (worked perfect) so I had some in the house.

I was cleaning my Acura for a long trip from Oregon to Michigan when I got the bright idea to try the A-1 on my headlamps.  I love my ’04 MDX and it is in perfect shape except, like so many cars, the headlight covers are dull and foggy looking…I figured it cannot hurt…..OH MY GOSH!! I wish I had taken a picture of them before and after, the result is amazing!  I used a glass wax on them afterwards and they are the closest I’m going to get to new!! I had tried all the products for the specific purpose of cleaning them and put in a lot of elbow grease and none of it worked like your A-1 Hard Water Stain Remover and with very little effort. – Brenda B., Malin, Oregon

Our Client Was Amazed and Delighted!

We recently tried your Cleanup Solvent-22 on some grease and oil stains on a local client’s carpet.  The grease disappeared like magic.  When we hit the traffic lane with our encapsulating solution, it still looked dingy.  A quick application of the Cleanup Solvent-22 and it lightened up immediately; like magic again!  OUR CLIENT WAS AMAZED AND DELIGHTED.  Any carpet cleaners that haven’t added this product to their arsenal are missing a bet; but we’re not going to tell them — Let’s just keep this our little secret! – Bill M., State of the Art Cleaning Service, Vacaville, CA

Wow! Cleanup Solvent-22 Saves The Day!

Some months ago we met you at CleanHub’s customer appreciation event in Sacramento.  We had a problem job where we needed to remove the residual glue and tape used to hold a large piece of carpet over a heavily trafficked carpeted area.  The glue was extensive and had melded into the carpet.   From past experience we thought we were in for a long siege of glue removal with a D-limonene based product.  We talked to you and you recommended the “CS-22” and we purchased a quart on the spot.

Wow!  We applied the CS-22 and gently worked it into the face fibers and gave it a little dwell time.  We then extracted with our truck mount using hot water.   All that nasty glue came out.  One shot.  And we did not have any residue on the carpet when dry.


Thanks for steering us to a GREAT product.  We subsequently purchased a gallon of Cleanup Solvent-22 and added it to our arsenal of cleaning products.

Bill M.and Dave J., State Of The Art, Vacaville, CA


Cleanup Solvent-22 Makes An Easy Sale

Your Cleanup Solvent-22 is moving quickly and our customers and sales staff are excited about it.  Just thought you would like to know it’s been an easy sale for us; Great Product! -Andy A., Salesmaster Associates, Inc., Deer Park NY


Glass Gleam-4 is a driving force!

In all honesty your product has been the driving force  behind our growth the last three years. I never get tired of hearing “wow the other guy never got my windows this clean” and my smile is always ear to ear when I hear that!!  -Scott T., Bright Outlook Window Cleaning, Lynden WA.

Glass Gleam-4 is a Driving Force

In all honesty your product has been the driving force behind our growth the last three years. I never get tired of hearing “wow the other guy never got my windows this clean” and my smile is always ear to ear when I hear that!! -Scott T., Bright Outlook Window Cleaning, Lindell, WA

Glass Gleam-3 is the only product for me!

I’m very happy with Glass Gleam-3 and intend to keep using it as the only glass cleaner for my company.  I’ve been using GG-3 for nearly 20 years now!  Great product.

-Bryan, Window Doctors SF

“Oil-Flo surpassed all of my expectations.”

“I was introduced to Oil-Flo when I became familiar with the pavement sealing industry in Florida.  Its performance surpassed all of my expectations.  It cuts through tar and sealer without the bad fumes and is gentler on skin and surfaces than any of the competitive brands I have used.  I use Oil-Flo exclusively in my business because I get the results I need!”

-Rob S., Plant/Sales Manager GemSeal Pavement Products

Glass-Gleam 4 Recommendation

I have been using glass gleam 4 for two years now and I get calls quite often from my customers telling me that their child or pet had walked into the patio door because it was so clean they couldn’t see it was there. No other product could make the glass that clear.  I highly recommend it for everyone. – Pat R., Revier Window Cleaning, Fargo, ND.

Your products have made a believer out of me!

“I was really surprised with the results of your A-1 Hardwater Stain Remover.  I applied it with an old damp piece of T-shirt and it worked perfectly, so imagine the results if I had used a white abrasive pad (which wasn’t even needed) that you recommend. My client was blown away by it and he gave me the go ahead to clean his whole house! Thanks again and I wish you all a great future!  Your products have made a believer out of me!”   -P. Bruinings, GMR Int’l, Austin, Texas.

Glass Gleam-4 and Oil-Flo are the best in class for window cleaners.

Of all the products I’ve used to clean windows, hands down Glass Gleam-4 and Oil-Flo are the best weapons of choice.  They help make windows look so clean you can hardly see them.  I was once on a residential job where, after using a strip washer, white pad, bronze wool, and even a scraper, the windows stilled had millions of tiny tree sap spots all over it.  The sap made the windows look dirty from any angle. After applying Oil-Flo and agitating lightly with bronze wool, all the gunk was completely gone.  I then cleaned the windows with GG-4 and they looked so clear that the glass appeared invisible, even in direct sunlight! I’ve learned that the true test is how the window looks in direct sunlight and was hugely impressed with these products. I highly recommend Oil-Flo for any window cleaner who wants to separate themselves from their competition.  I was using dish soap years ago until I discovered Glass Gleam-4.  It is truly the best concentrated soap I’ve ever used.  It breaks down the nasty stuff on baked windows, softens the water, glides great, and leaves the windows shining like diamonds. Kudos to Titan laboratories for making such an excellent product line! – J. Kim.

Removing Sealer from Non-Target Surfaces with Oil-Flo

For years, it seemed impossible to remove dried sealer from virtually any surface, especially the very thin stains caused by unexpected heavy rain.  To some extent, scouring powder used with a rag or a very stiff brush was effective, but it was very time consuming.  The problem involved not only removing the dried sealer, but also the oxidized coating of paint, vinyl or aluminum surrounding the splatter. In essence, one type of stain was simply replaced by another.  Fortunately a really fabulous product called Oil-Flo was developed and every cleanup job became much faster and easier. Oil-Flo is water soluble and rinses away cleanly. And it works great when used to remove oil stains from concrete.

Once you see how quickly it can remove thick globbers of asphalt sealer, which have been baked by the sun for several years, you’ll want to try it on almost everything.  Titan Oil-Flo has far surpassed every expectation we had when we bought our first gallon.  You’ll love it!

-Quoted from the book, Basic Asphalt Sealcoating and Repair Techniques, by Roy H. Ruebenstahl, Jr. and Mary Ann Ruebenstahl. Second Edition, 1993.  Reprinted with permission.

Glass Gleam-3

My wife and I started our window cleaning business just 4 months ago using your Glass Gleam-3. Our customers love their windows when we are done and I never get tired of hearing WOW my windows just glow now, or OMG you can see out them now and my favorite is OMG my windows where that dirty!  Which then is usually followed by what did you use? Thank you for such a great product that not only produces such great results, but is also biodegradable.   R. Scott Taylor, Bright OutlooK Window Cleaning, Lynden, WA.

Dr. Glass Window Washing has been using GG3 & 4 for nearly 20 years…

Dr. Glass Window Washing has been using Titan Labs window cleaning solutions for nearly 20 years. We always feel it’s worth the money to use the best.  The many small window washing businesses we are associated with all swear by Glass Gleam 3 and Glass Gleam 4 as they go about their daily rounds.  We use Oil Flo to get silicone off new-install windows and use A-1 Hardwater Stain Remover for mineral deposit stains. The folks at Titan Labs have always been available to answer our questions and help us out with their products. Go Titan!

Philip Bregstone
—owner/founder Dr. Glass Window Washing, Takoma Park, MD


At the end of September this year while I was on vacation an installation for glue down Bamboo flooring was installed.  As I was reviewing my emails the night before I was to return to work I got this disturbing email about an installation that there glue marks all over his floor that would not come up and that the installer had cut in his garage and got saw dust all over his garage in his house, etc. and to top it off what kind of manager was I that I had not come out to his house to see this job.  I was like what a great welcome back from vacation!  However, I sent an email back explaining to the customer that I was sorry I did not know anything about this that I was on vacation but was due back in the office the following day and would look into this and make everything right…

I went out to his house with my installer to look at the issues the customer had reported to me.  We attempted to remove the glue residue with numerous things the glue manufacture had told us to use and nothing worked.  I then called a few people with in my company and explained my situation and sent pictures to them. To me it looked as if it was etched into the wood.  You could see the glue, but you could not feel the glue.  I was then told this is going to fall back on the installer as installer error.  This had me all tore up.  I had to figure out what I was going to do to fix this situation and quick, because time was running out.I got together with my installer and he said I don’t understand the other glue I never had this issue.  So I tested his theory I got some of the glue they had been using on past jobs and left it on wood from 24 hours to 1 week and he was correct the glue came off with little to no problem.  This really made me look deeper into this new glue we are using and why no product would remove the glue and why the manufacture of this glue had no product of theirs that would remove it.  I know was determined to find a solution to my problem, especially since I was told nothing would remove it that we would have to replace it or sand the floors, etc.  This was not going to be my remedy anyways.I had almost given up hope when I was on the phone with my boss and he was with another director that mentioned the Oil-Flo samples we had samples of, have you tried them?  No I hadn’t but I was more than willing to try so I received this sample 2 days before we were due to remove the floor and replace it.  I took the sample and used it on a board I had taken from customer’s house that had glue on it and watch this cleaner remove the glue from the board!  I cannot begin to tell you the feeling I had to be honest I thought for a moment I might faint.  I immediately called the installer told him to stop by shop I just seen a miracle!  I then called the customer and he was out of town but he told me to call his girlfriend and see if she could meet me at the job and she said yes but not till 6:00pm I said no problem we will be there.

We arrived at the job at 5:45pm wanted to be early.  We went in show the product we had to the customer’s girlfriend and got to work.  We applied a small drop of the stuff to the floor and watched it disappear!  We were in total amazement!  We worked on a few places that night and decided this was going to work.  I immediately called my boss, my DSM and the ASAM of the selling store to inform them I think we have found the solution and hopefully we would not be replacing the customer’s floor.  We got the product overnight thanks to my Manager.  The installers went to work the next day around 12 and worked till 6:00 that evening and returned the following day at 9:00am which the customer had requested and worked on cleaning this entire floor and finished at 4:00pm that day and all the marks were gone.  The customer then called me his little researcher.  I told him I was just doing my job that I told him from the beginning I would make everything right and I just was following through with what I said I would do.  I thanked him for being so patient and understanding.

In conclusion, being told nothing would remove the glue was incorrect.  Took a lot of foot work to prove this point but so glad I did, because this product is amazing!  I do think it should be a product that is recommended with the glue we used, because believe me nothing would remove it, because I tried everything the manufacture said for me to use.

I have included some picture of before and after and a picture of the crew saying Thank you Oil-Flo you saved us a lot of money and saved the customer having to go through a reinstall which he did not want to do if at all possible.

Ginger Sexton
—Branch Manager, Knoxville, TN

Excellent solvent with great customer service from Titan.

Excellent solvent with great customer service from Titan. Great Safety, no harsh odors and outstanding performance.

Allan T.
—Trowbridge Golf – San Francisco, CA

Helped save the day on many occasions.

Titan’s A1 Hard Water Stain Remover and Oil-Flo helped save the day on many occasions. I will recommend any of Titan’s products to anyone who’s looking to brighten their world! Thanks Titan!

Bart T.
—Fish Window Cleaning - Laguna Hills, CA

Far superior to ‘old-fashioned’ crockery detergents for window cleaning

I was skeptical at first to try GG4 and Titan Green and I have found them to be excellent for my business.  They are far superior to ‘old-fashioned’ crockery detergents for window cleaning.  I am a convert – I will never go back! Many Thanks!

Pete L.
—By Grace Cleaning - Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, England

Crystal clear windows. The windows look like they’re open!

I was a skeptic when I read on your website that Glass Gleam-4 could be applied to a French window, scrubbed on the glass and then rinsed off with a hose, without the use of a squeegee. Wow!! Crystal clear windows. The windows look like they’re open! You guys really have something here. It would have taken me a considerable amount of time to apply the solution with a sleeve, squeegee and then detail the frames and sill. This way I cleaned the frame, mullions and sill of all of the dust and pollen, in addition to the glass.

Frank T.
—Emerald Window Cleaning - Waconia, MN

Oil Flo is the best product for cleaning driveway sealer

I have used titan’s Oil Flo cleaner for over 20 years.  I have tried other products in the past.  I believe Oil Flo is the best product for cleaning driveway sealer off of homes, cars, work trucks or any metal surface.

Rich C.
—Collegiate Sealers & Paving – Chantilly, VA

Cleans Best and Saves Time

Cleanup Solvent 22 Cleans our plates best and saves us time. Our press operators prefer this over all the other plate cleaners out there.

Jerry G.
—Advance Paper Box – Los Angeles, CA

Best in Class

Using Titan’s professional products has helped build our reputation as the best in class in Southern California.

Christian Dorn
—A Clear View Window Cleaning