Glass Gleam Solar™

Glass Gleam™ Solar is a state-of-the-art liquid additive to water, designed specifically for cleaning solar panels using a squeegee or water fed pole. Glass Gleam Solar contains a new detergent system allowing improved cleaning and degreasing of solar panels which leaves the panels cleaner longer. The squeegee drag reduction (slip) is excellent. GG-Solar contains polymeric water softeners to condition the water which greatly reduces dirt re-deposition. This feature alone makes Glass Gleam Solar highly desirable in areas of hard water. Other features include low fragrance, optimized foam level, kind to your hands, and an orange color indicator to reveal that it has been added to the bucket or spray bottle.

Available in quarts, gallons, 5-gallon pails, and 55 gallon drums.

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Which Glass Gleam™ Is Right for Me?

In all honesty your product has been the driving force  behind our growth the last three years. I never get tired of hearing “wow the other guy never got my windows this clean” and my smile is always ear to ear when I hear that!!  -Scott T., Bright Outlook Window Cleaning, Lynden WA.

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