About Us

Titan Labs is all about value.  For over thirty years our unique products have proven to set the standard when it comes to safety and effectiveness.  We don’t use any harmful or hazardous chemicals, our products are biodegradable and safe to people, pets, and our planet.  If we can’t find a way to make a product safe and more effective than their hazardous counterparts, we simply don’t make them.

Since 1984, Titan Laboratories have been producing time-saving solutions for several distinct markets.  These include Paving, Roofing, Window Cleaning, Carpet Care, Flooring, Adhesive Removal, Converting, Janitorial, and others.

Our focus is on our worldwide network of quality distributors.  We strive to keep their inventories flowing smoothly and have a robust distributor referral program that puts customers directly in touch with them.  And their customers thank them for carrying our line.

To our distributors, we represent a steady revenue stream of quality products that demonstrate their concerns about quality, safety, and most important: time savings.  Our products all work on contact, so there’s never any dwell time, they leave no residue and are simple to clean up.  We send one-ounce samples with every order.  These samples go a long way in promoting our unique products.  Seeing really is believing.

To the users of our products we represent a huge savings in time on the job, and we remove the stress from the workplace.  Just knowing that with the right product onboard, there’s never any doubt that any trouble jobs can be easily taken care of.  And don’t forget about user safety.  Our products don’t contain any chlorinated fluorocarbons, acids, alcohols or any other harmful components. Our motto is: Don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself.

We stand behind our products, provide technical information, product knowledge, and never turn down an opportunity to visit with our distributors and meet their clients.

So, are you ready to join our family of users or distributors?  Click here to get more info!