Titan Green™

Titan Green™ Multipurpose Cleaner is a super strength concentrated cleaner with exceptional cleaning ability. It cleans everything washable, and produces spectacular results. Dirt, grease, oil, soot, vegetation and food stains, to name a few, quickly yield to this high-tech cleaner. You can use in on all washable surfaces, including painted parts, walls, floors, machinery, carpets, equipment, vehicles, upholstery, clothing, counters, appliances, walkways, masonry, windows, etc. Titan Green has a pleasant fragrance and rinses extremely clean. It has been proven in commercial and industrial use as extremely effective and convenient. Customers include leading manufacturers in the aircraft, chemical, petroleum and hotel industries, along with thousands of companies, stores, offices, janitorial contractors, automobile detailers, colleges, etc. Biodegradable and safe to the user and the environment.

Available in quarts, gallons, 5-gallon pails, and 55 gallon drums.

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Hi Guys, I just wanted to thank you for recommending the Oil-Flo/Masterflo product for cleaning the driveway sealer from my metal garage doors.  I had tried, kerosene, WD-40, DL hand cleaner, goof-off and gasoline. None of them would remove the driveway sealer. I purchased the Masterflo product in 16oz spray bottle. The results were amazing! […]

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